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Modern email marketing tool that is easy to use.

Clever Sender is a powerful online service that will help you to master the process of sending legitimate mass emails to your recipients. It is the right tool for the email marketing job. No installation is needed. If you have a browser, you can start using Clever Sender right now!

Design beautiful emails easily. Anybody can do it!

Your customers will say "WOW!" when they see your email in their Inbox and they will surely remember your brand.
You don't need to be a rocket scientist to design eye-catching emails with our template editor.

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All aspects of email marketing covered

Increase your brand awareness, make your customers more loyal and sell more.

Robust contact list management

Our tools will help you to handle your contact database, grow your audience, enhance the data, create segments, target precisely and keep the database automatically clean.

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Fast and easy campaign design

Preparing and sending the personalzied campaigns with dynamic content is super fast and easy. The intuitive wizard will guide you, pre-sending checks will help you to avoid doing mistakes.

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Excellent deliverability

With its very own infrastructure and custom-built mail grid, Clever Sender will send your deliverability rates sky high. Your messages will be delivered to the Inbox, not to Junk Mail.

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Expressive reports and statistics

By looking into reports, you will immediately see how your campaigns are doing. Open rates, click rates, bounce rates, unsubscribe rates and other metrics are available in real time.

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Automation and workflows

That feeling when you set things up and they work automagically, so you have more time to do something else. With Clever Sender you will soon get familiar with this concept.

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Cross-channel integration

Email marketing properly interconnected with other marketing channels gives synergistic effect and boosts the performance. Clever Sender does everything to improve that interconnection.

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Your goal is to earn money by email marketing.

We are here to make it happen. Once you get this great tool, you will need a great strategy.
One-size-fits-all approach is not a good way to go, so we'll custom tailor the strategy for you and then we will help execute it.

Just one click from excellent real-time support!

The Clever Sender service is intuitive, but it does not mean that you cannot ask any questions.
Our friendly support team will help you, whenever you need. Just click the integrated support button and ask in real-time chat.


Our customer support is global

We have integrated online customer support application, you can use it anytime and we will start solving your question asap.

It is time to start using Clever Sender now. Take the first step. We will help you through the process. Send your first campaign today.

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And this is what they have to say about us:

"Clever Sender was able to address our specific requirements. Fantastic service, amazing support, we got many tips during consultations! These people are email marketing gurus."
"Clever Sender team designed a comprehensive e-mail marketing strategy for our new project. When we saw the results, we were impressed. It was great success. Thanks."
"I really appreciate our long-term cooperation with Clever Sender and rate it very positively. They provide truly professional service and built many great tools that become better with every month."
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