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Robust contact list management
is the core of efficient email marketing.

Our tools will help you to handle your contact database, grow your audience, enhance the data,
create segments, target precisely and keep the database clean.

Super-easy import
Loading existing contacts is a piece of cake.

You can load contacts into Clever Sender using drag and drop upload and import contacts from file, plain text or remote data source. It is matter of a few seconds. You can also add contacts manually or import them through API.

Supported formats are MS Excel (.xlsx, .xls), CSV, TXT, but if you need any other, let us know and we will find a way.

Collection tools
for growing your contact database.

Collect new contacts continuously and grow your audience by using Clever Sender's email collection tools. You can configure whether you want to use single or double opt-in to ensure that you meet legal requirements.

Subscribe forms
Integrate subscribe forms into your website and start collecting emails today.

Mobile application
Turn your tablet into email collector. Let your customers fill in their details and have them stored in Clever Sender immediately.

Contact list hygiene
is maintained automatically.

Contact list hygiene is important for high deliverability. So we have integrated features that will help with maintaining it.

Your subscribers can easily unsubscribe by clicking the unsubscribe link or pressing unsubscribe button. Undeliverable addresses are automatically unsubscribed. So are the email addresses for which we received as SPAM complaint from feedback loop (FBL).

Custom fields and segmentation
for precise targeting.

In order to target easily, you can use the segmentation feature to segment your contact list to well defined subsets and then send a campaign to these segments.

Moreover, you can define unlimited number of custom columns to your contacts and enhance your database with additional data. These columns can then be used for better segmentation or personalization.

Campaign design tools
for preparing and sending your campaign within minutes.

Preparation of new campaigns was never that easy. Intuitive and fast.
You will be surprised how much time you will save.

Campaign wizard
will guide you through the process.

The wizard makes campaign preparation easy and efficient. You do not need to have any previous experience to understand it immediately.

You also do not need any technical skills to prepare and send your campaign.

Template builder
for creating beautiful yet professional emails.

Our Drag and Drop template builder will unleash your creative side. It will let you compose email from predefined blocks. You can either start tweaking our predesigned high quality templates or start building completely from scratch.

You do not need to know the HTML code because the template builder generates it for you automatically.

The emails will also render well on mobile devices.

eCommerce Integration
for one-click product addition.

Many eCommerce marketing specialists add blocks with product to newsletters. We made this super-easy by integrating our Template builder with eCommerce XML feeds. You can thus see the items from your eCommerce solution directly within the template builder, use the fulltext search to find the right item and then add it to the newsletter with one single click.

Cloud file storage
for your documents and images.

Your documents and images you plan to use in your campaigns can be easily uploaded to our cloud file storage and used in future campaigns. You do not need any special hosting or web server. We will provide you all of this.

Pre-sending check
to prevent needless mistakes.

Before you send your campaign out, you can use our pre-sending check to verify whether your campaign is configured properly. The system will alsou verify whether your email does not contain any characteristics that could trigger anti-spam filters.

Reports and Statistics
See how your campaigns are doing

Clever Sender gives you many reports and statistics, so you can make data driven decisions. By having key data visualized, optimization is much easier. You do not have to guess. You simply see what could be improved.

Campaign performance dashboard
Quick real-time performance overview.

Seeing how your campaign performs is just a matter of few clicks. The dashboard gives you all metrics you need to understand whether the campaign is optimized.

All important metrics
that you are interested in.

Number of people who opened your campaign (open rate), number of people who clicked a link (click rate), number of people who unsubscribed (unsubscribe rate), number of emails that bounced back (bounce rate). Hard bounces, soft bounces and many other metrics. You name it, we have it.

Detailed data
with drill-down to the lowest level.

See who exactly opened or not opened your emails, who clicked a link, who unsubscribed and why, what emails bounced back and for what reason.

Data is yours. Use it as you want.

You can export data from reports if you want. We have enabled it, so nothing prevents you from doing your own visualizations or reports enriched by data from your eCommerce, CRM or other internal systems.

Clever Automation
Let computers do your email marketing job for you.

Why send campaigns manually when you can automate them easily? Design clever automated email marketing
programs that will work even when you will be out of the office. Then use the saved time to do something else.

Scheduled campaigns
will give you freedom.

Instead of waiting for the right time to run the campaign manually you can schedule the campaign to run at defined time automatically. Clever Sender will take care of sending that campaign for you.

Birthday, name day and anniversary wishes
Defined campaign once, reuse it every day.

Do you know when your recipients have birthday, when they celebrate name day or have any other anniversary, let say one year from their first order? Send them voucher as a gift, make them happy and increase your sales.

You can define Clever Campaign that will be automatically sent out every day to the matching group of you recipients.

Remarketing: Up-sell, cross-sell
Simply sell more.

Automate data synchronization from you e-commerce platform to Clever Sender using API and use these data to send automated remarketing messages to subset of matching recipients. Precise targeting will help you to remind the right customer what he forgot to buy just in the right time.

Automated email marketing programs
and sequences defined once, working forever.

Automated email programs are great way how to be seen and improve you brand awarness. You can define sequence of emails that will be sent to your recipients automatically based on the stage which the recipient is at. At predefined time intervals, initiated by some event.

Send welcome sequences, on-boarding tutorials, weekly tips and tricks or other email marketing programs. Spend some effort with initial configuration and then enjoy getting results without doing anything.

Remote data sources
for contact management automation.

Sometimes you just don't want to import your contacts to the Clever Sender manually and you want to send a campaign to subset of recipients.

In such case you can use remote data sources. When the campaign is executed, it automatically downloads the up-to-date remote data source and the emails are then sent to each recipient of such data source.

Sky high deliverability rates
Your messages will get to Inbox, not to Junk Mail Folder.

Clever Sender not just sends the email messages. It delivers them to Inbox folder. We do a lot for this to happen.
We are serious about deliverability and we built our custom mail grid to achieve the best deliverability rates.

Best practices checker
to avoid mistakes that affect deliverability.

Before you send your campaign out, our best practices checker will help you to ensure that the email content or campaign settings do not break the deliverability best practices.

Breaking these principles could get the email intercepted by an anti-spam filter or could negatively affect sender's reputation.. It is thus good to do eveything to avoid doing so.

Clever Mail Grid
that thinks and knows good manners.

Our mail grid is programmed to be polite and to listen to what the others are saying. It processes bounced emails and responds to spam complaints obtained from feedback loops. It handles greylisting and throttling well.

It collects and maintains deliverability information and metrics on per domain basis and uses them to learn better behaviour and achieve better deliverability rates.

Early warning system
and proactive issue detection.

We monitor our infrastructure actively to identify possible blacklisting or IP reputation problems. Whenever any issue arises, the affected IP is removed from the pool and our deliverability engineers start resolving the issue.

Dedicated deliverability engineers
work for you silently, so you don't have to.

Our trained deliverability professionals monitor the deliverability and keep it as good as possible. They analyze, troubleshoot and resolve deliverability problems.

They know things like DKIM, SPF, DMARC, PTR, MX, SMTP, EHLO, RBL, IP and many other technicalities, so you don't need to know them and you can focus on something else.

Is that it? Not at all!

Find out everything what Clever Sender has to offer.

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